My name is Ethan. I am 13 years old and I decided to start a t-shirt company. I hand-draw the designs for each t-shirt with permanent markers. I scan the design into my computer then add quotes and edit the picture a little bit. Next, I upload my designs to a platform that prints and ships the t-shirts for me. Just like that – my t-shirts are up for sale.

The ‘Shirts for Pals’ Idea

Here is how the idea originated. My very first shirt design was the Forknife shirt. My dad was helping me think of an original quote to go along with it. Forknife is a parody for the popular video game – Fortnite. The most popular game mode in Fortnite is Battle Royale. After brainstorming for a while – we came up with ‘Battle with Pals’ because it sort of sounds like Battle Royale. The idea for my first shirt was complete. Forknife – Battle with Pals.

Then I thought, hey – I could make a whole bunch of designs for shirts around activities that people like to do with their pals. Every design features unique, but similar, stick figures attempting to do the activity described with the words on the shirt.

Why I’m Selling T-Shirts

I got a new mountain bike and I want to get into mountain biking. I have to keep my bike maintaned and if it brakes I will have t buy new parts to repair it. I also want to ride trails that cost money to get in. I want to become the best of my ability so that means I have to spend some money on my bike and trails to ride.

I also have to save up for a car that I’m going to need in a couple of years. I want my first car to be either a Ford Ranger or a Jeep Gladiator (which is a Jeep that is formed into a truck). The cars are worth 25 thousand – 35 thousand dollars that means I have to keep selling tee-shirts for my car.