Hi, my name is Ethan.

I’m selling t-shirts to raise money for mountain biking and i’m saving up for a car. I’m hand drawing the designs for all of these shirts myself. I learned how to upload my designs to a platform that will print and ship the shirts for me. I’m having a lot of fun learning how to sell t-shirts on my website. Learn more about me and why I’m selling shirts on my About page. Here’s a picture of my workstation in my bedroom.

Ethan workstation

Here are a few of my popular t-shirt designs

All shirts available in various kids and adult sizes. All shirts available in many different colors. Click any Buy Now button to see available options.

Note: when you click on any t-shirt or Buy Now button – you will be redirected to TeeChip.com. This is the platform I use to print and fulfill all orders.

I Survived



With Pals


With Pals

You choose your t-shirt color!

After you pick a t-shirt design – you select the color and size that you want.